Tuesday, January 13, 2009

-30 Degree Windchill

I've just returned from London to find much information I had been lacking for the last year about my next step in life: Peace Corps in Rwanda.

I tried to keep it a secret that I was lacking major details of my trip.

"So what is your plan exactly once you've reached DC?"

"Ah, yes, good question, We are staying 100 kilometers outside of Kigali in a village called (make something up), and yes, I have a host family, and maybe I will get a pet such as a silverback gorilla, not sure... need to check in with the officials. Tell you what mom, I'll call you later tonight for another Q and A session, but I can't promise anymore A's."

Sometimes I just get out an old National Geographic and tear out a picture of "Africa" and tell people to go to Wikipedia with any other questions.

As I have read in others' blogs, there is a varying response from the people of the West in regards to Africa. So before I ask someone their opinion I give them a small written quiz:

1. What's your favorite country in Africa? and Why?

2. Have you ever taken an African Dance Class? What was your favorite move?

After I read these quiz results, I score them and walk away.

In all honesty, I am a very uninformed lady who has much to learn in the next few months, years, decades, etc.

To the good stuff:

I was elated when I found out that I would be staying among sisters in the Benebikira training center with other Peace Corps Volunteers. It's actually quite funny because I trained to become a foreclosure counselor in a convent in Chicago for a week. Coincidence?

Oh and as for packing: I saved the turkey sandwich from my flight last night. That will be my "luxury" item.

I'm going to Saver's today to find a few shirts that may be less wintrified than my own, although I read that a volunteer gets freezing in Uganda. I'm not sure how to measure -30's against 50's.

As for today, I had strong coffee, read some facebook facts, reviewed my welcome book, and screamed a few times in excitement.